Creativity is the cornerstone of success in life and is present in every piece of artistic work we see. It is a passion of artists to take ideas and dreams and turn them into reality. Such is the case with my artistic endeavors showcased in my charming, yet innovative company, Aperture Arts, LLc that was rebranded into Erin Bassett Artistry.

Through the use of delicate silks, other fabrics, the tasteful Japanese technique of Shibori, photography, digital printing, weaving, and my sensitive interpretation of it all, I envision, design, sculpt, and create artistic structures and products that are graceful and elegant. My unique, handcrafted fabric works of art set forth a delightful spirit that warms the heart every bit as much as they warm the soul.

As early as learning to draw at 6 years old, receiving a camera as a gift that led to a BFA in Creative Photography from the University of Florida to a job at a textile company that awakened a passion culminating in an MFA in Textile Design from the Savannah College of Art + Design as well as a lifetime of studies, I truly fell in love with textures, patterns, and possibilities; a love that has rewarded me with inner peace, happiness, and the ever-present joy of expressed creativity and success. I love taking simple items, like yards of beautiful silk fabric, metal washers, and rubber bands, and creating magical landscapes of shapes that are unexpected, fascinating and unique. I follow the folds so the fabric tells me what it wants to be. I draw with fabric using light and shadow to create my line. My world of vision collides with my world of texture when images are married to cloth.

I want to engulf the environment with the opulence of silk and the emotional power of color. Welcome to my world. If you can imagine it, then I can create it in fabric!

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